Firstly I shall continue my words of introduction, I have to thanks thousands of my loyal satisfied customer all around the world for keep supporting us by visiting and repeat purchasing with our series of swords.
swordstrade.com is one of the top manufacturer for Japanese swords in the Internet for International Sword Market, famous for it's high quality at a very beautiful low prices.
We started up our operation in domestic sales in China 6 years ago and the business expand when more and more friends from inside and outside of China have interest with our art of productions....
In order to make it more convenient and more efficient customer service for friends around the world to be able to acquire high real quality of swords, we decided to started up swordstrade.com in the net.
Until today since 5 years ago we are in the sword business online, Swordstrade earned it's reputation from thousands of satisfied customers from all around the world.
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